Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thirsting for Blood series - Book 2 Forever Richard

Forever Richard, book two in my Thristing for Blood series hit my doorstep yesterday and so I am doing a happy dance!! *please note this is physically challenging and shouldn't be done unless furniture is pushed out of the way - ow* Yes a box of Forever Richard for me to sign and send back to the publisher to start sending out to those who've ordered already. These aren't my author copies though so the very few copies I'll be sending out to reviewers (Jake Chism, British Fantasy Society (hardcopy) etc . . .) won't be headed out today.

But yes! Do the happy dance with me but do be careful. :)


Doublebanker said...

Sounds like your wrapping it up for this. maybe a bestseller

Sue Dent said...

Wouldn't that be cool! But if by bestseller you mean topping the New York times best-seller charts or any other best-seller chart with sales . . . I'm not sure the odds are in my favor.

I'm all for competing with the Big Dogs (how else would any of us get better)but my bark at this stage of the game is far inferior to the kind of noise a "big dog" publisher can make, good book or not.

I ain't complain'n though. I'll take coming in the back door and surprising everyone. It's a good feeling. About like the way I felt when I FINALLY took first place at a professional foosball event after touring for years, paying my dues. Yeah buddy! :D

cathikin said...

Just yesterday I was wondering whether there was a name to this series, and now today you give me the answer.

Well, I ordered my book a few days ago. I look forward to reading it and posting a review.

Sue Dent said...

LOL at Cathi. And just a couple of days ago we were wondering if we actually had a series to name. By that I mean we had to decide if I could or wanted to wrap things up in a triolgy or whether the story was too big for that.

I'm not sure it's a series but unless you can come up with a word for four books that the reading public will respond to, then series is what it is! :)

YaY! Cathi will have her book very, very soon now!

Caprice Hokstad said...

Four books=quadrilogy?

Congratulations, Sue. I've got to get that review written so I can post on Amazon.