Saturday, May 23, 2009

Why we wake up and do it all again.

Once in awhile we geat a review that etches a much needed smile. This is from a young man at the low end of my intended audience for Flashpoint: Book One of the Underground:

"The only reason I read this book is because I was bored and my mother gave me something to do. At first I was skeptical but upon reading it, it didn’t disappoint for even a fraction of a millisecond. I read this book in twenty-four hours flat. Star Wars, The Matrix, X-Men, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter versus Flashpoint. No contest. Thank you, Frank Creed, for giving me yet another obsession."--Joshua Hokstad

Wow. How can that not brighten one's day?


Thirsting for Blood Series Promo

I worked all night and morning on it trying to figure out movie maker. I'm happy with it! :D Hope you like it.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Catholic Writers Conference Live Aug 5-7

Catholic Writers Guild, Catholic Marketing Network Hold Writers’ Conference

Somerset, NJ--The Catholic Writers' Guild, in conjunction with the Catholic Marketing Network, will host its first-ever Catholic Writers’ Conference LIVE! at the Doubletree Hotel & Executive Meeting Center, Somerset, NJ, from Aug 5-7, 2009. The conference will host publishers, editors and authors from all aspects of the Catholic writing world, including magazines and devotionals, novels and educational materials. The panel discussions, presentations and workshops will cover all aspects of writing including generating query letters, crafting a good story, worldbuilding, marketing finished works and more. In addition, editors from several Catholic publishers will be on-hand to share their wisdom and hear authors propose their works.

The Catholic Marketing Network's International Trade Show, held at the neighboring Garden State Exhibition Center (, will serve as the exhibition floor for the writers’ conference, giving writers a chance to browse the booths, meet with publishing companies, pitch their books to publishers, have their work critiqued at a private critique session and chat with the published authors at book signings at the Catholic Writers’ Guild booth. CMN will also be hosting daily Masses and rosaries at the Doubletree Hotel, and Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament at the exhibition center. Other CMN events including the seminars and inspirational talks scheduled for Tuesday, August 4 will be held at the Doubletree.
Presenters for the writers’ conference include: author/Sophia Press submissions editor Regina Doman (Angel in the Waters); Pauline Books and Media Editor Sister Maria Grace, CEO of Ignatius Press Mark Brumley (How Not to Share Your Faith), Susan Brinkmann editor of Canticle Magazine, Lisa Wheeler, Executive Vice President of the Maximus Group (PR and marketing firm for The Passion of the Christ), author/Ascension Press publisher Matt Pinto (Do Adam and Eve Have Belly Buttons?), Claudia Volkman, General Manager of Circle Press, Tom Hoopes, Executive Editor of the National Catholic Register, and mystery author John Desjarlais (Bleeder) among others.

"This is a fantastic opportunity for both writers and publishers to connect," said science fiction writer and Catholic Writer's Guild President, Karina Fabian. "The CMN has been especially generous in offering to share it facilities and programs with us, which really enhances the quality of the conference for attendee and presenter.”

Conference Coordinator and CWG Vice President Ann Lewis adds “There will be a lot of good information, encouragement and learning opportunities for Catholic authors at our live conference. Our goal is to help good Catholic writers to get published. The world needs their words.”

The Catholic Writers’ Guild has hosted two highly successful on-line conferences.
To register or for more information, go to Registration is $80 through June 1st, $99 through July 31st and $110 at the door.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Amazon Bestseller: Feel the Realness

There’s a type of question that always glazes my eyes. What does it feel like to—fill in the blank—be published, win fiction awards, or hold a number one ranking. I’ve wanted these things since one Ford was in the Oval Office, and another Ford was still building Torinos. I still can’t believe that fiction I wrote is available in book form, so experiences like last Tuesday’s are very surreal to me.

Tuesday, May 12th Michael Vance, author of the Lovecraftian horror braided-novel Weird Horror Tales, posted his five-star rave review of my first novel Flashpoint, at several places on the Web. I headed over to my Amazon profile, when my eyes literally bugged. Mr. Vance’s review is the only thing I can credit for a sales-spike that took Flashpoint to the top of Amazon’s religion—fiction—fantasy/ sci-fi genre ranking.

Every author travels the writer’s sojourn. But every step on this path is as unique as one’s writing voice, so answering these how-does-it-feel questions elicits a range of replies. Even though I’ve long held a too-mystical wonder of, and reverence for, books, I still can’t believe these dreams have come true. Tuesday must have been a very-slow-sales day for everyone else.

A friend alerted me to list of the top 1000 books a Christian should read. I When I pass C.S. Lewis and John Bunyan on that list, I’ll know I’m dreaming!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Flashpoint: Adrenaline infuse roller-ocaster ride

An adrenaline infused, roller-coaster ride into a future where a belief can cost you a brain-washing and even your life, this science-fiction novel reminds me most of the best of the "Indiana Jones" movies in its pacing and level of excitement.

The belief that can cost you a `cleaned' mind is the Word of God, which has been outlawed. The Global Government has determined that `fundamentalism' has caused wars and misery. Therefore, it has decided to use war and misery to stop fundamentalism.

Elementary, eh!

In "Flashpoint", a Christian family and their like-minded friends living in an underground network are captured and herded off to a concentration camp of sorts. The son and daughter, however, are not caught, and are determined to rescue their parents with the help of an even more secretive and powerful league of Christian warriors.

If you should turn up your nose at the infusion of Christians in science-fiction because you aren't a believer, I encourage you to change your mind. Solid science-fiction is solid science-fiction whether it's about Christians or Klingons, and you'll only be denying yourself a bunch of rollicking fun.

If you should turn up your nose at the infusion of science-fiction because you are a believer, I encourage you to change your mind as well. Frank Creek's theology is sound, and riding on roller-coasters is allowed!

In particular, I like that Creed hasn't written one dimensional Christians, but has created an interesting ensemble of fully developed people who are as imperfect as the people who are trying to suppress them. He's also said exactly what he wished to without preaching; this is a real novel, not a sermon disguised as one.

In short, Creed has written a fast paced adventure novel that can and should be enjoyed by everyone. I can't wait for the second installation!

(Book One of "The Underground")
by Frank Creed
$9.95, 190 pages
ISBN: 978-1-934284-01-8

Reviewed by Michael G. Lail at

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

TWCP Book Hits an Amazon Bestseller List

Frank's publicist created this press release celebrating the #1 ranking event (and she had the good presence of mind to capture a screen shot of the event . . . I was overcome with nervous giggles and the idea of preserving this occasion escaped me altogether):

Contact: Frank Creed

For Immediate Release

“Flashpoint” is an Amazon Bestseller

Lafayette, IN May 13, 2009—Frank Creed's ground-breaking Christian cyberpunk novel “Flashpoint” (The Writers' Cafe Press, 2007) passed a major milestone yesterday. It was listed as the top selling religious science-fiction/fantasy book on, the world's leading online bookseller.

The rankings, which are updated hourly showed Creed's book leading sales of the popular “Dragonkeeper” series by Donita Paul and the “Left Behind” series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins.

“I was at reading a new 5 star review and I nearly fell off my chair when I saw [the ranking],” commented Creed. “I am hugely happy about this especially in light of what's coming next.”

Creed is referring to the publication of “War of Attrition,” the second book in the Underground series later this year.

Flashpoint tells the story of a brother and sister living in the Chicago Metroplex of 2036 in a world where all religious devotion regardless of sect is considered terrorism. Taking the “street names” of Calamity Kid and eGirl, they join a “muscle cell” of the underground church tasked with protecting – within the limitations of the “Agape principle”- Christian believers from persecution through the use of non-lethal weapons and spiritually empowered cybernetic implants.

For more information about Frank Creed or “The Underground series,” visit or The Writers Cafe Press