Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dimensions in Our Universe

On a serious note, in A Brief History of Time, Stephen Hawking says that quantum physicists know of eleven dimensions to our universe, and others theorize twelve. The more we learn about science, the more we find God's fingerprints.

For example it’s easier to believe in places like Heaven and Hell than skeptics would have one think.

The Bible claims that the spiritual may not be apprehended with our own sensory perceptions. Such places may exist on a sub-microscopic level within the universe around us. Are there extra-dimensional beings? We know of at least angels, and the Boss himself.

On a less-taxing note, novelist Bryn T. Jones (The Next Chapter) asked me, "Just for fun--what would eight dimensions be? We have height, width, depth, time..."

Before we knew that time was part of the universe’s fabric, humankind only knew of our three dimensions of space. The Fifth Dimension (Up Up and Away in my Beautiful Balloon), thought the name of their musical group was all cutting-edge. Not!

So just for fun, we need four more dimensions. Any suggestions?

My own very very finite brain has apprehended one terrestrial dimension that humankind did not immediately recognize.

S.T.I.N.K.: Mom was bed-bound for fifteen years—that I get. But, ever been around a healthy able-body with hygiene issues? There ya’ go.

Just Google: olfactory perceptions of space and you’ll find what I like to call: Superdimensional Transuniversal Intuitive Nasal Knowledge, AKA, S.T.I.N.K.). 8D

Gotta go. I’m callin’ the Nobel Prize peeps.

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