Sunday, January 25, 2009

Second chance to win Forever Richard!

Okay, here's the second, and one of the few chances, you'll have to win Forever Richard. Lena Nelson Dooley has posted her interview with me on her blog. If you post a comment, you go into the hat to win a copy of Forever Richard (that is your name goes into a hat. I know, takes all the fun out of it. But trust me, getting into a hat yourself is some trick.)

Please drop by and say hello. You'll definitely have to say hello if you're an ACFW member as I know longer am one and I can't access the boards to say hello myself. Like everyone else, I have to watch my money and could only afford to belong to very few organizations. I had to stick with the Horror Writers Association because they support horror writing. Perhaps someone will feel sorry for me and let me into the ACFW anyway. :)

But do go check out Lena's blog!

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