Sunday, January 18, 2009

Looking for Forever Richard and can't find it?

Well, did I stutter when I said the first print run was destined to sell out fast? :) Pre-orders are filled first and then on-line stores and bookstores and everyone else gets what's left. I suggest you get your order as soon as possible though. I will drop a little helpful information in your ear. Amazon-USA doesn't have a clue what's going on and shows Forever Richard as "Out of Print" with "limited availability," randomly pulling this status out of the air because TWCP is a small publisher and Amazon-USA is only in it for the money from the bigger publishers. They don't give a rip about smaller publishers and never have. Amazon-Canada is spot on as is Amazon-UK and every other branch of Amazon. Oh Amazon-USA, I bow to your immense knowledge.

So if you actually want a book in a timely manner, might I suggest you order through my publisher where you'll also get an autographed copy. Here's the link:

Order autographed copy here!

Also Lena Dooley on (I'll post a link when the interview is up) will have another coveted copy of Forever Richard to win when she post her interview with me this coming week. I'd take advantage if I were you but do remember this free book comes from my author copies and I don't even have those yet! Pre-orders baby, they've got to be filled.

Sorry if you missed out on that . . . NOT! LOL

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