Friday, May 15, 2009

Flashpoint: Adrenaline infuse roller-ocaster ride

An adrenaline infused, roller-coaster ride into a future where a belief can cost you a brain-washing and even your life, this science-fiction novel reminds me most of the best of the "Indiana Jones" movies in its pacing and level of excitement.

The belief that can cost you a `cleaned' mind is the Word of God, which has been outlawed. The Global Government has determined that `fundamentalism' has caused wars and misery. Therefore, it has decided to use war and misery to stop fundamentalism.

Elementary, eh!

In "Flashpoint", a Christian family and their like-minded friends living in an underground network are captured and herded off to a concentration camp of sorts. The son and daughter, however, are not caught, and are determined to rescue their parents with the help of an even more secretive and powerful league of Christian warriors.

If you should turn up your nose at the infusion of Christians in science-fiction because you aren't a believer, I encourage you to change your mind. Solid science-fiction is solid science-fiction whether it's about Christians or Klingons, and you'll only be denying yourself a bunch of rollicking fun.

If you should turn up your nose at the infusion of science-fiction because you are a believer, I encourage you to change your mind as well. Frank Creek's theology is sound, and riding on roller-coasters is allowed!

In particular, I like that Creed hasn't written one dimensional Christians, but has created an interesting ensemble of fully developed people who are as imperfect as the people who are trying to suppress them. He's also said exactly what he wished to without preaching; this is a real novel, not a sermon disguised as one.

In short, Creed has written a fast paced adventure novel that can and should be enjoyed by everyone. I can't wait for the second installation!

(Book One of "The Underground")
by Frank Creed
$9.95, 190 pages
ISBN: 978-1-934284-01-8

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