Saturday, May 16, 2009

Amazon Bestseller: Feel the Realness

There’s a type of question that always glazes my eyes. What does it feel like to—fill in the blank—be published, win fiction awards, or hold a number one ranking. I’ve wanted these things since one Ford was in the Oval Office, and another Ford was still building Torinos. I still can’t believe that fiction I wrote is available in book form, so experiences like last Tuesday’s are very surreal to me.

Tuesday, May 12th Michael Vance, author of the Lovecraftian horror braided-novel Weird Horror Tales, posted his five-star rave review of my first novel Flashpoint, at several places on the Web. I headed over to my Amazon profile, when my eyes literally bugged. Mr. Vance’s review is the only thing I can credit for a sales-spike that took Flashpoint to the top of Amazon’s religion—fiction—fantasy/ sci-fi genre ranking.

Every author travels the writer’s sojourn. But every step on this path is as unique as one’s writing voice, so answering these how-does-it-feel questions elicits a range of replies. Even though I’ve long held a too-mystical wonder of, and reverence for, books, I still can’t believe these dreams have come true. Tuesday must have been a very-slow-sales day for everyone else.

A friend alerted me to list of the top 1000 books a Christian should read. I When I pass C.S. Lewis and John Bunyan on that list, I’ll know I’m dreaming!

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