Friday, October 24, 2008

The UNDERGROUND October '08

If anyone is interested in reading October '08's The UNDERGROUND newsletter/ ezine, I now place it directly on my website (no downloads or pdfs). You can get to it either by clicking the link above or going to and clicking on the Ezine banner.

This month:

Writing tips (using metaphors, word count, locating "geek" specialists to help research sci-fi stories, and creating book titles);

This Fall in Spec-Fic: Lost Genre Guild authors release 4 new books;

How to Get Book Reviews: Tips and submissions guidelines to the top journal reviewers plus a link to a nice list of on-line review sites (with links);

Spec-Fic Genres and Sub-genres: a pretty comprehensive list of everything spec-fic

and more . . .

Feedback is welcomed and you can post your thoughts in the October '08 UNDERGROUND board at


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