Thursday, October 23, 2008

Christian Horror - Slow train coming!

And I'm beginning to wonder if it'll ever get her. Especially here in the US. Here's a fine example of the confusion that still plagues this market.

Just recently a list went up on that trustworthy site Amazon. *hold up. Let me pull my tongue out of my cheek* It was titled Christian Horror. The list author says: Here's a list of books most of which you won't find in your local Christian bookstore. You know, because they're horror! (okay, that's a loose interpretation but you can go read it yourself to get the exact words.)

Of the books listed only 2 (I think)were not published by a CBA or ECPA publisher. This means that most of the books would indeed be found in a Christian bookstore, at least, here in the US because the authors are affiliated. Ted Dekker, Frank Perriti, John Olsen and Eric Wilson all write for CBA affiliated publishers and they were the other authors on the list.

It seems CBA has latched onto the term Christian Horror just like they have Christian Fiction and leading everyone down the merry path of "if it's not CBA or ECPA published then it can't be written by a Christian."

Well, it can be and there are tons of Christian horror authors you won't see on list for made up for Christian Horror. Just keep that in mind while you're looking. :)

My work won't be in a Christian bookstore because my publisher is not CBA or ECPA affiliated. That demomgraphic doesn't want or read horror and so they don't readily allow it in to their stores unless one of their affiliated publishers puts it out. Rest assured, if it's published by a CBA or ECPA affiliated publisher, it won't appeal to the broader market Christian but rather a very specific niche of readers.


TWCP Authors said...

The bulk of these you won't find at your local Christian book store because of the fact that this isn't your Sunday School Fiction.

I agree in part with the list-maker's statement, some of the items on his list won't be found in Christian bookstores (namely, the Exorcist). However, the bulk of the books on the list can indeed be found in most every Christian book store in the U.S.

I did notice that if you type in "Christian Horror" and fiction in the Amazon search bar, only one of the first 12 can be found on this guy's amazon list. Noteable though is that Never Ceese rates #9.


Sue Dent said...

*jaw drops* Really?

How did that happen?

Also, I was going to create a list and simply call it Horror writers of Faith and learned that there already is a list like this?

It seemed to be a Dean Koontz fan page which is fine, after all, he's Catholic and a GRAND author . . . oh and someone you WON'T find in U.S. Christian Book Stores because he doesn't belong to CBA or ECPA and doesn't appeal to that demographic.

Number 9 you say. And Never Ceese never had a real distributor and not even a very good publisher.

And can't officially ever go into Christian Bookstores here in the US even though most of it's readers claim to like it for its element of Faith.

How cool is that!