Sunday, March 29, 2009

Revisiting my interview with Lena Nelson Dooley!

Lena offered me another opportunity to interview with her when Forever Richard came out and I must say it was, as usual, a most enjoyable experience. More than that, it allowed me another opportunity to hear from fans. I just went back and found this posted:

Danielle (Dani)

I have both Never Ceese and Forever Richard and am totally in LOVE with them!!! I have always loved the use of Werewolves/Vampires/Pirates/etc. in the Christian market. My opinion is that it was about time a Christian had the guts to try and the talent to pull it off. I would love to see these become movies, and being a Christian and an aspiring actress I would definitely encourage it.

Great job Mrs. Dent! God bless!

Thank you so much Dana. I would like to say, however, that I don't consider myself neither brave nor having guts. I simply wrote a story I thought sounded really cool and tried to get it published. I'd no plans of offending anyone with it and am glad I didn't. Also, just so Danielle will know, there won't be any stories like mine coming through the bigger Christian publishers so if you enjoy my work, you'll need to really, really support all Christian publishers. It's the only way you'll see anything like what I write. :)

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