Monday, March 16, 2009

Anne Rice to publish thriller/fantasy in fall! Oh yeah!


Look what I saw on facebook!

Yes! That's correct. Mrs. Anne Rice herself is coming out with a suspense/fantasy/Anne Rice type thriller written from a very different Anne Rice perspective. And what a wonderful time for her to come out with it too since Christian bookstores can now put books other than those produced by CBA and ECPA affiliated publishers on their shelf so long as they're distributed through Ingram/Spring Arbor.

Don't know if Mrs. Rice will submit her book to Ingram/Spring Arbor though (every book has to be deemed "socially acceptable" unless it comes through a CBA or ECPA affiliated publisher)since she'll clearly have a huge readership without ever getting into a Christian bookstore (she'll have to be distributed through Ingram/Spring Arbor to gain access.)

I suppose I should tell her, as if she's even worried about it, that Ingram/Spring Arbor only looks for Christian content and affiliation to a particular market doesn't matter. I for one know I'd like to see her in ALL bookstores and can not wait for this next book.

So check out her facebook post and say hi and tell her Sue Dent sent you. :D

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