Saturday, February 21, 2009

Christian Manifesto review of Forever Richard

Nutshell Version:

While Sue Dent’s writing was never intended to fit perfectly into the Christian Fiction mold, you can’t help but notice the powerful messages of hope, love, and sacrifice that are so evident. My only complaint about Forever Richard is that I wanted more. In the end we are left with a nice little cliffhanger and a little taste of what’s to come. My interest is piqued and I’m on my knees begging. Next time can we have just a little more please?

Jake Chism reviews Forever Richard at the Christian Manifesto.


Sue Dent said...

And my only complaint about the review *which you could hardly call a complaint :)* Is that the genre is listed as Fiction.

However, I just contacted Jake and asked him to change it to Horror or anything that is more applicable.

After all, that is why we have genres, right? So readers can know what they're getting. :)

Caprice Hokstad said...

Maybe he should just have said, "Book". That way, no one who reads would want to miss it!