Saturday, September 6, 2008

Horror Writer Sue Dent on Christian Fiction

My publisher, The Writers' Cafe Press, is a Christian publisher but they're not affiliated with CBA(Christian Booksellers Association) nor are they a member of ECPA (Evangelical Christian Publishers Association.) Therefore when I use the term Christian in regards to my writing, I'm talking about my Faith not CBA or ECPA.

I'm simply a Christian who writes for the general market much like Stephanie Meyer is a Mormon who does the same.

I do have many readers from the very targeted niche market CBA and ECPA serve but I do not specifically write for them. If you're a hardcore CBA reader of Christian Fiction please DON'T read anything I write. If you do, just know you'll find something very different than what you're accustomed to. But I write beyond what CBA/ECPA will allow so you'll need to be careful.

God Bless,
Sue Dent

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