Sunday, September 7, 2008

Death of Christian Bookstores

I found this while googleing! (yes, happy birthday Google, 10 years old today. Woo hoo! *like I care.* LOL)

Death of Christian Bookstores

It is very interesting, and I left a comment myself, that this blogger laments the fact that if Christian bookstores go, there'll be no safe haven for Christians without addressing the fact that by Christians he means a very unique and select group of Christians and not all Christians in general. To him, it seems, it's either a Christian bookstore or secular.

Since I write for the general market (as a Christian) and don't write for the conservative market Christian(not meaning all Christians) Bookstores serve, I really have no dog in the hunt, (as some Christians have so nicely told me.) Still, I wonder if acknowleding who their market truly is wouldn't save them.

Anyway, go to the link if you'd like. :)


Caprice Hokstad said...

Where I live, we lost Christian bookstores (that is, stores that sell BOOKS and not "Jesus Junk" as the blog author puts it) a very long time ago. So I'm having a little trouble mustering up pity for those who are just now losing something we haven't had for quite some time. Maybe my "Forget the CBA" attitude would be different if I had ever been in a store like that blog author describes where all they sell are books, highlighters and Bible covers. Wow. Must be nice. But it's a fantasy, and one that evidently is going out of style. Maybe when all the real bookstores are gone and readers are forced to shop online, we can make the CBA obsolete. wouldn't THAT be a kick in the pants?

Anonymous said...

...that this blogger laments the fact that if Christian bookstores go, there'll be no safe haven for Christians...

You mean the delicate Christian (TM) orchids are losing their safe little hothouse? They might actually have to leave their Thomas Kincade-finished womb for the real world? Actually having to live in reality with the rest of us than just this side of Left Behind?

Good riddance. Christian Bookstores (TM) are nothing but Bible-verse-embossed fluff and Jesus junk anyway. Not meat, not even milk, just cotton candy for those who can't even stomach the milk and have too much money.

Keep going mainstream, Sue.