Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The UNDERGROUND Fiction Contest


Seattle-Portland Metroplex Terrorist Webwire DEC.31,2036—Panic has taken hold of Seattle residents as they flee the city in response to the FBT’s terrorist alert early this morning. The Security Advisory System isused a RED ALERT at 4:20am (EST) after a Peacekeeper sting operation uncovered what appeared to be plans to detonate an undisclosed type of weapon in the vicinity of the Seattle Space Needle.

An as yet unconfirmed report from a source within the FBT states that the BoC (Body of Christ) terrorist organization is believed to be behind this latest terrorist threat . . .

The above "news headline" is fictional of course! It is the premise for the December issue of The UNDERGROUND newsletter's writing contest. And, there are just 2 weeks left before the fiction contest submissions close.

For more details, check the most recent edition of The UNDERGROUND newsletter.
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