Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Preditors & Editors Poll

Preditors and Editors 2007 Readers’ Poll

The polls have closed and here are a few early results. See if you think there’s a demand for Christian sci-fi, fantasy and horror. Remember, Preditors and Edditors is not a Christian site, and the following people competed by straight-genre.

ANTHOLOGIES (out of about 140 entries):
Infinite Space, Infinite God: 3rd
Light at the Edge of Darkness 8th

ARTIST: (~75)
E.J. Mickels II: 8th
Rachel Marks: 12th

ARTWORK: (~40)
Jade, Rachel Marks: 15th

AUTHOR (~345)
Frank Creed: 19th
Jane Lebak: 35th

Ray-Gun Revival: 16th
Sword Review: 20th
Dragons, Knights, and Angels: 21st
Fear & Trembling: 23rd
Resident Aliens: 24th

NOVEL SCI-FI (~150):
Flashpoint: Book One of the Underground, Frank Creed: 13th
Windfollower, Carole Macdonnell: 25th

A Frank Review: 25th

I won’t break down these Double-Edged Publishing authors by spec-fic sub-genre, but congrats to Jane Lebak, Mike Lynch, T.M. Hunter, Scott M. Sandridge, S.T. Forstner, A.M. Stickel, Michael Merriam, Casey Chan, Steve Poling, David Misialowski, and Richard S. Levine.

ZINE ART (~30)
E.J. Mickels II: 2nd
Ehsan S. Azzuz: 9th
Alex Ruiz: 11th
Mohd Haris Amran: 11th
Daniel Chua Kok Jun: 12th

Cook, King and, Glenn Ray-Gun Revival Overlords: 16th
Bill Snodgrass: 17th

His will be done,

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