Sunday, October 18, 2009

I stumbled across this just a few minutes ago at and I must say that even though I've no idea what this is a list of I do know that I like it. Forever Richard in the top twenty of some very grand books.

Perhaps placement on the list is superfluous yet being on the list isn't. Do read Maryann Boo's outstanding review of Forever Richard when you get the chance. :) Then go read Forever Richard or Never Ceese (paperback version) if you've not read Forever Richard first. It's a series after all. I'd certainly want you to get the most out of it.

Do keep in mind that though this is accurately labeled a Christian vampire/werewolf series, you'll only see recognition for it from general market proponents. You won't see anything about this overwhelmingly successful Christian series on any site designed to bring attention to works published by Christian authors. My publisher doesn't pay to be affiliated with CBA or ECPA and therefore I'm shunned by the very market that should herald such an endeavor. I've been turned down for entry into award ceremonies for Christian fiction, not allowed to list on blogs for ECPA affiliated books or rather "the best in Christian Fiction" even though both of my books have been approved for distribution to the Christian market. won't list my books and the discrimination goes on and on.

General Market Christians rock though and so I'll stand over there with them. I'd stand with the others except they won't let me. ;)How nice.

But yes, believe it or not, there is a Christian vampire and werewolf story already out there despite what another market would have you believe. It just appeals to all Christians of faith and not a select few.

Do enjoy the review and the story!

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