Monday, December 15, 2008

The Christian Manifesto interviews author Sue Dent

According to Jake Chism of The Christian Manifesto, part one of my interview with him will go up tomorrow, December 16th and part two will go up Friday. I was so excited when Jake asked me to do this interview since most sites geared toward Christian readers don't come to me for an interview even though I am an author who appeals to many of their reading public. And what grand questions as well! Hopefully my answers will keep some poor author from stumbling around in the pervasive darkness of the Christian publishing world. Make sure and check:

tomorrow, December 16th to see the results. Here's a snippit from one of my answers to whet your appetite:
". . . put lipstick on a pig and . . ."

There. That ought to peak your interest. LOL But if that isn't enough, there will also be an excerpt from Forever Richard going up but I'm not sure which day. :)

Happy reading and thank-you again Jake!

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