Monday, November 17, 2008

Paging Cynthia Mackinnon

First things first. Click onHappy Birthday for a surprise. Okay everybody, settle down there! I SAID SETTLE DOWN!!!! Man, they're loud. I'll bet you wonder how I got all those people in the computer! :)

Sorry about the noise but the single low volume party horn sound effect cost $2.95. The crowd was free. And now drive yourself to your local starbucks and asks for Chelsea and she shall hand you one of these. Tell her no, that wasn't Ellie Mae Clampet from the Beverly Hillbilly's talking to her and yes, I'm responsible for spelling your name wrong. But you can blame it on her if you want to. So off you go now!!!! Shoooo!!!


TWCP Authors said...

Well Giddy-Up!

I just hopped my bike and pedalled on over to SB and returned with a giftcard and 2 Venti double-cupped Earl Grey teas.

Thank you very much!


P.S. Where'd you get all those people?

Sue Dent said...

Trust me, it weren't easy! But they didn't charge nothing so we made room. *hey, if you're going outside, could you mow the lawn. No, don't leave. Drats!* :)