Sunday, April 13, 2008

This is My Life!

I saw this meme on Delia Latham’s blog, and thought it looked like fun. Hope you enjoy this picture of my life!

Here's what you do:
1. Go to photobucket .com.
2. Type your answer to the question in the search box.
3. Use only the first page
4. Insert the picture into your Blog.

What is your relationship status?


What is your current mood?


Who is your favorite band/artist?

Kid Rock

What is your favorite movie?


What kind of pet do you have?


Where do you live?


Where do you work?


What do you look like?

What do you drive?

Sub Outback

What did you do last night?

Quake : Urban Terror

What is your favourite tv show?

law and order svu

Describe yourself.


What are you doing today?

Quake : Urban Terror

What is your name?


What is your favourite candy?

gummy bears

1 comment:

Delia Latham said...

Fun, fun, fun! I enjoyed picturing your life, Frank. Have a gummy bear for me, too - I love them, but I'm dieting this week. LOL

Thanks for stopping by my blog.