Sunday, November 25, 2007

Meet Frank Creed

Frank Creed is TWCP's most recently published author. Born and raised in the western suburbs of Chicago, Frank and his sisters were raised by a mother who instilled a love of reading and writing. He won his first award during highschool when his teacher entered him in the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Literary Contest: first place among hundreds of entries from three states. His award-winning debut novel, Flashpoint: Book One of the Underground was released October 2007.

Although Frank's ministry is his fiction, he didn't start out that way. Ten years ago he began his online ministry in an attempt to help his sister who had joined a grotto of Anton LaVey's Church of Satan. From there he formed his own discussion board, debated satanists and atheists, and offered help to those in need of spiritual direction. (By the way, his sister accepted Christ about a year ago--in answer to Frank's efforts and prayers.

Frank has had several short stories and one novella published in anthologies and online. Three of his short stories are found in Light at the Edge of Darkness, an anthology of Biblical Speculative Fiction. His award-winning debut novel, Flashpoint: Book One of the Underground was released October 2007.


Sue Dent said...

Frank took my coffee!! If you look really close, you can see my initials on that cup he's holding.

Ha! Made ya look. :)

Hey Frank.

Steve said...

The real way to identify Sue's cup is that for some reason it has two straw holes set fairly close together--thereby demonstrating that vampire writers are a pain in the neck.


Frank Creed said...

Doomed I be. The smartest man I know and most astute marketress are both trash talkin me. Rice and Dent both fronting at the same time? DOOMED I BE!

I'm not THAT nervous: the heartbeat of Biblical spec-fic (sci-fi, fantasy and horror), is love.

Gibson's Passion of the Christ was all about the TWCP imprint's love.
To be on this publisher blog with these people is a crazy dream, thirty years coming.

We may tease Rice about his thick neck, but he could break mine. We could tease Dent about cooties, but she and I have met four times, so I've already called the Orkin man.

Teasing is fun, and that's why people read fiction. Fun is the point.


Sue Dent said...

But the point to be made here is . . . I started it! :) But then, don't I always. Ooooooo, cafeine addicted vampires. Now there's an interesting concept. Hummmmmm

Frank Creed said...

Beware pale customers loitering in the Starbucks lot after dark. Or would these vamps all migrate to Brazil and Coloumbia?


cathikin said...

How did I miss this until tonight? And Google is running behind 'cause I didn't see this when I googled some of you earlier this evening. About time Y'ALL got together and Stephen L. Rice showed his face to the public!

Headless Unicorn Guy said...

Anybody who'd fursuit his own reception in SecondLife is my kind of crazy!